Why is Opera a partner of DriverPack?

DriverPack officially cooperates with the Norwegian company helping the users over the world get to know one of the best browsers better

Opera is one of the best browsers with constantly developing technologies. Inbuilt ad blocker, messengers, and Turbo Mode extend this browser functionality without overloading computer’s resources.

DriverPack has been distributed free of charge and is supported due to the partners for 10 years by now

DriverPack has been selecting and installing drivers for any computers all over the world for almost 10 years by now. And it still remains free of charge

Opera is one of the best browsers with constantly developing technologies

By installing Opera while configuring your computer you not just get a fast and functional browser but you also support DriverPack.

It’s not just a desktop browser but it’s a whole ecosystem that makes your life more handy

Opera on mobile devices is totally synchronized with the desktop version, it has inbuilt VPN, and handy one hand management. We highly recommend you to try it.